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The Reckoners are a leading Wedding Band based in Belfast, Northern Ireland



Music is at the heart of every great wedding.

From acoustic melodies during your relaxing drinks reception, to energetic favourites filling the dancefloor after dinner, to party tunes keeping the celebrations going into the night...


Music is the glue that binds your wedding day together. 


Yes of course, we’re biased. But we think that great music makes for great weddings.


Familiar tunes help your guests relax. Special songs will create moments for you and your partner to cherish forever. Big anthems won’t let people leave the dancefloor, no matter how hard they try!


The right wedding music plays a huge role in creating a memorable, special day for everyone.

Live Acoustic Wedding Duo

Live Acoustic Wedding Duo

Nothing Beats A Good Irish Wedding!

Nothing Beats A Good Irish Wedding!

Playing A Live Set

Playing A Live Set

Ireland's Best Wedding Entertainment

Ireland's Best Wedding Entertainment



We can look after your wedding music from the moment your guests step into the reception venue, right up until they totter home in the early hours. 


You can tailor our service to suit the kind of wedding you want, the characteristics of your reception venue and of course, your budget. 


Here is an example of what we can offer:



As guests arrive at your reception, our Acoustic Duo will be there to greet them with laid-back tunes - helping them relax after the ceremony and start to mingle over drinks.



After dinner, you and your partner will take to the floor for your first dance, following which our Live Wedding Band will start to inject some real energy into the room!


Crowd-pleasing anthems, drawn from our huge collection of songs and styles, will get even the most reluctant dancers up on the floor!

Turntable Close Up


Even when the dance floor is full, we won’t slack off. After the live wedding band has finished, our experienced Wedding DJ will take over, keeping the celebrations going into the early hours! 


We know that your wedding is probably the biggest party you’ll ever throw. So we take it seriously - coming complete with professional grade public address speaker system, DJ equipment and full lighting rig. 


We’re sensitive to the fact that every wedding venue has different acoustics too, so we always make sure that the music is at a comfortable level for everyone and is focused on the dancefloor.


You can also take a browse through our Video Showcase:
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With decades of performing experience

The Reckoners Wedding Band is made up of professional career musicians.


We’ve toured with household name artists, featured on major records and have played at some of the most famous venues in the world, including private performances for dignitaries and international heads of state. 

We’ve also had the privilege of performing for newly-married couples for nearly 20 years (!) - in fact, there are very few wedding venues in Northern Ireland that we haven’t played at!


Working with you to create a day to remember

It doesn’t matter if we’re playing at the White House in Washington or Orange Tree House in Greyabbey, Co. Down - we put our heart and soul into every performance. 


We’ll work with you to understand your musical tastes, creating a set list to reflect your personality and how you want your wedding to sound.


We’re experts at reading a dancefloor too, so if things need to be energised a little, or the crowd needs a little encouragement to shake off that post-dinner lethargy, we know exactly how to do so in a fun and friendly way.


We understand how important your wedding day is to you, how much pressure you can feel in the run-up to it, how much time and money you have invested into it, and how much you want everything to go smoothly. 


We’ll strive to take some of that pressure off your shoulders by providing a professional, efficient wedding band service throughout - from responding promptly to calls and messages, to simply turning up on time at the correct location on the day (don't take it for granted!)


And to top it all off - we’ll give you a barnstorming performance to boot.


You can listen to more of our music below
You can also take a browse through our set list


We’re a wedding band from Northern Ireland, so the majority of our weddings are NI based. But we regularly play in the south of Ireland and further afield too (we played at a wedding in France only recently).


When it comes to Northern Ireland (and border counties like Donegal, Cavan, Monaghan, Louth, etc. There are actually very few wedding venues that we haven’t played in - meaning we know the acoustics and characteristics of most of them already.


Here are some of the NI wedding venues that we’ve performed in just recently:


Co. Donegal

Co. Down



We totally understand if you’d like to try before you buy!


Choosing a wedding band is a big decision, so if you’d like to see us in person before you book, that’s absolutely fine.


Unlike other wedding bands, we won’t ask you to sneak into the back of someone else’s reception. Nor will we ask you to endure the pain of one of those awful wedding band showcases.


We’re active members of the NI music scene and play regularly in well-known live music venues (mostly around Belfast, but further afield too).


If you’d like to see us perform live, get in touch and we’ll let you know where we’re playing over the coming weeks. And If you do come and see us, make sure you come up and say hello!

Where We Play
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Nothing spirals out of control quite like a wedding budget!


Anyone who has asked a hotel for an extra half-glass of wine or an extra canape per person knows that all too well.  


We’ll try our best not to add to your budget stress if at all possible.


But we’re talented, professional musicians that perform to the highest standards - and like any business, we’ve got business costs, equipment to maintain, transport to pay for, etc. 


Our wedding band prices depend on factors like where your venue is, how many band members you want, whether you want the full day package, just the acoustic duo, or just the live wedding band, etc.


The best thing you can do is drop us a quick message and let us know where and when your wedding is going to be held. We’ll get back to you, find out exactly what you need, and then we’ll give you as competitive a price as we can.

If you’d like to chat about having The Reckoners entertain you and your guests at your wedding, just get in touch using the details below.
You can get in touch via Email:

SAVE £50 from our packages STRAIGHT AWAY if you contact us via WHATSAPP
07773 742 134

The Reckoners Wedding Band Northern Ireland

32A Carnbrae Park, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT8 6TP

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