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What it's all about


An experienced, professional wedding DJ who will have you and your guests on the floor all night long.


"I am all about the music, don’t worry about tacky games or karaoke. I'll play anything I'm asked for, as long as you can dance to it. If it’s a party you’re looking I’ve got you covered!"


When you realise how important the soundtrack of your life is, you will understand why everyone employs a professional DJ to look after the music at the most memorable party you will ever throw.

Option :1 Bespoke Wedding Package


I will work with you and your fiancé in the lead up to the big day to create a bespoke set, all about you and your guests. It will be packed full of fun, energy and nostalgia with your favourite tunes setting the tone. It will be sure to create the perfect party atmosphere that you and your friends will remember and reminisce about together forever.



Option 2:  Party Package


For smaller weddings I can create a fun party set based on the hundreds of weddings I have played before. There will be a wide range of tunes and something to please everyone. I will also take requests from your guests.

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